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Our Story
Meet Katherine
Katherine is the head artist at Saving the Moment. From an early age, she loved making art. Katherine trained at Parsons and Moore College of Art and Design and has studied everything from life drawing to letterpress printing. With Saving the Moment, she has expanded her artistic repertoire to include graphic design. Katherine also enjoys playing roller derby and testing out recipes in the kitchen.

“I love the idea that we created something for our special day that we’ll keep for the rest of our lives. Every time I catch a glimpse of our poster hanging in our home, I am reminded of our wedding and to this day I enjoy reading the messages that our family and friends wrote for us!”

Meet Brad
Brad is responsible for the “geeky” side of Saving the Moment. A graduate of Monmouth University, he is educated in all things computers and used his talents to create the Saving the Moment website. Brad is an accomplished runner who also enjoys drumming and photography.

Speaking about Saving the Moment, “I love the fact that I’m helping create something that a complete stranger will cherish for the rest of their lives.”

Why we started Saving the Moment
When preparing for our wedding we were always on the look out for new and original ideas that would add a bit more character to our big day. We discovered other companies providing custom, vintage-looking posters, but the cost was too high and the options were limiting. We put our talents together and produced a beautiful design that we could use at our wedding – using the matting as our guest book. During and after the wedding we received many compliments on how wonderful an idea our print/guestbook was and we started getting the same question… “Where can I get one of those?”

In response we started making customized prints for our friends. When we caught ourselves asking the same questions (“What are the wedding colors?”.. “What are the bride and groom’s names?”) the idea for Saving the Moment took off. Wouldn’t it be nice to remove the time-consuming back-and-forth communication? Wouldn’t it be nice to remove the hour-long, day-long, or sometime week-long turnaround to see a proof? Why not have a website that people can come to, choose a design, and customize right on the spot? No waiting, no back-and-forth emails. Instant proofs. Instant satisfaction.

Next we asked ourselves how we could make this better. Can we provide a better product than our competitors?

We can – so we did.

  • More options
    We don’t like the idea of forcing you to choose from one of four color choices. We give you complete control over your color choices. Want to increase the vintage feel of your design – go ahead… or don’t! It’s up to you!
  • More occasions
    Why limit our offerings to just weddings? People love to celebrate all of life’s moments – we want to be there for all of them!
  • Larger products
    Our advertised print sizes are what we say there. When you order a 24″x36″ framed print from us, you get a print that measures 24″x36″ – not a frame with matting that measures 24″x36″.
  • Lower prices
    Life is expensive and things add up quickly. Whether you’re having a wedding, a baby, or a party – every dollar counts. If we can offer a better product for a lower price it’s “win-win” for everybody.
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